Our Members


Our Members

The COVID-19 Digital Classroom is a collective of international organizations with expertise critical to slowing and stopping the spread of COVID-19. With over 50 years’ experience between us, including in epidemic response, community health systems strengthening, multimedia content development, online training, and language for effective risk communication, we are linking critical actors to help millions of health workers access the vital, potentially life-saving information that they need.


The Community Health Academy serves as the lead for the COVID-19 Digital Classroom. The Academy, housed at Last Mile Health, draws on its partnerships with Ministries of Health in multiple countries and leverages its experience developing online and mobile-optimized training to inform how content is designed for accessibility and usability.

CORE Group draws on decades of convening experience, including in response to earlier pandemics. CORE Group’s broad base of global health practitioner experts serve as technical reviewers, contributors, and content developers to focus on adaptations for important populations affected, such as people with disabilities, people living in urban informal settlements and pastoralist communities.

Medical Aid Films is leading developer of multimedia content (e.g., animation for messaging and training) to address issues of poor or low levels of literacy in some of the most vulnerable populations in the world.

TechChange is leading the development of high-quality, interactive online training and developing a series of short, interactive, and engaging courses for community-based health workers which are hosted on the Community Health Academy platform.

Translators without Borders are supporting translation of the animations and training courses into a wide range of languages to ensure they are accessible for community-based health workers across multiple countries.

digital Medic

Digital Medic is an initiative of the Stanford Center for Health Education. We are committed to reaching communities worldwide with accurate, timely, and understandable health information. We work to build capacity for the global health workforce, sustain knowledge gains, increase health-promoting behaviors, and improve health outcomes.